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Cobweb Nepal


Cobweb is one of the first Nepali rock band formed in the early 1990’s from Nepal. Initially the members of the band all very close friends got together from the hood from Kathmandu valley who were inspired by rock bands from the west such as Metallica, Pink Floyd, Guns n Roses, Iron Maiden, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. Nepali youths all over the world have embraced Cobweb and continues to do so till date. In the later years the band has also experimented with other genres of music such as Reggae, Funk, Blues and has been very successful recording artists in Nepali music scene. Most of the albums are ranked among the top selling albums according to various media from Nepal. The band has done various national, international level concerts and has playing experience with professional musicians around the world.

Band Members:

Dipesh Bhakta Mulmi : Vocal / Guitar
Nilesh Joshi : Bass
Siddhartha Dhakhwa : Drums
Sujan Tandukar : Guitar
Ashish Gurung : Vocal
Nitesh Ghorasaine : Sound Engineer
Chirag Gharti : Stage Monitor

Former Band Members:

Sanjay Aryal (2013 - 2023 ) : Vocal
Urdeep Joshi (1992 ) : Drums
Mahesh Nakarmi (1992 - 2005 ) : Guitar
Pawan Shakya (1992 - 2005 ) : Keyboard
Rajendra Dakhwa (1995 - 1998 ) : Drums
Subodh (1997 - 1998 ) : Vocal
Rohit Banmali (2005 - 2010 ) : Vox / Guitar
Sunil Shakya (2010 - 2013 ) : Vox / Guitar
Nikesh KC (2013 - 2014 ) : Guitar
Srijan Bikram Gewali (2014 - 2022 ) : Guitar

Category: Rock

Band formed: 1992

Address: Kathmandu, Nepal

Cobweb Members

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    Cobweb Guitar / VoxDivesh Mulmi

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    Cobweb BassistNilesh Joshi

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    Cobweb DrumsSiddartha Dhakhwa

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    Cobweb VoxAshish Gurung

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    Cobweb GuitaristSujan Tandukar

Cobweb Band in Numbers

  • 4 awards
  • 12500+ instagram fans
  • 1810 youtube subscribers
  • 65 songs
  • 5000+ gigs
  • 1992 cobweb formed
  • 8 albums released
  • 800+ national concerts
  • 8 country tours

Record Level


ICC, Santana Records, Rise Music, and Wave Music

International Concert


USA, Australia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, India, Japan, UAE and Thailand.



Sajjan Smiriti band Competition (1996)

– Award for Best Lead Guitar

Kathmandu Utsav (1996)

– First Position

Tuborg Music Festival (1996)

– First position award for Band of the Year

Kathmandu Utsav (1997)

-First position

-Award for Best Lead Guitar

-Award for Best Bass Guitar

Nominated four times for national level award



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